Wednesday, September 29, 2004

21.9.2004 - Grandmother (my dad's side) passed away last week. I didn't know whether I should weep, huddle into a corner or weep, standing infront of the lifeless body. She was infact a good grandmother. I imagined this is how my grandmother (my mother's side) passed away in Mecca two years ago.

I never witnessed a funeral before. Well...once. But I was maybe 8? 9? I don't remember how the service went but what I do remember was looking down at a man in the middle of the room, my mother kissed his forehead and that's all. Plus, it was in a village and it was dark. Kind of spooky hearing things all around you.

I did the same thing what my mother did on the man's forehead. You see, my parents was in Aussie for business and the news came to them the day when they arrived there. They couldn't get a flight home, so they missed the funeral. Dad was heartbroken but he kept his ground. He called me that morning and told me to pray for my grandmother and kissed her forehead. A simple request but I thought of it for a few minutes. Eventually, I have to do it for my dad.

It was nerve wrecking. Grandmother looks sad. As if she's been hurting. Her face plays in my head for a week now. I missed her and never felt so utterly weak.

I just don't feel like myself after the funeral. I didn't bother to do my assignments, submitting ideas and work on it. I just want to be left alone. Away from that school and come back whenever I feel like. I didn't attend classes for two days straight. is work and mourning must put aside. As soon as I recover from this fever, I have enough strength for classes. I will attend tomorrow and apologize for me disappearance.

But...gods. That's what life is? You live with nothing and die with nothing?

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

So much for my happy ending.

News: I have a presentation tomorrow and I'm loomed with other assignments which I didn't put much thought into it and I just knew about the presentation a few minutes ago. They're so impossible to finish in one day.

Lindsay's a brat?

Jade sent an article about my *cough*dreamgirlfriend*cough* Lindsay Lohan. When I've finished reading it, I was indenial. She could not be. It's a saying that Britney Spears ate beans for dinner. Bullocks. I don't believe it. The public or/and stars alike are jealous that Linday's becoming a rising star and she's 18.

Kat went back to Edinburgh. I didn't get the chance to call her. But it's not that she's not returning to Malaysia forever. She ought to be or I'll ring up my Scottish tour guide, packed her in a box and export her to my house. YOU HEAR THAT, WOMAN?!

What do you think about raising an iguana? I don't know. They're sort of...endearing. Couple of days, I've been looking through this mass produced pet shops, underneath all those cute, fuzzy, fragile that you can squeeze the life out of them kind looking animals, I saw this tank full of iguanas. Ah well, I'm settling of finding the perfect owl. A pygmy?

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Beem, beem, beem.

Kat, your tagboard has gone wonky. Couldn't tag anything.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Wherever I am, I am missing.

Why is it that when you have a good intention on the palm of your hands, someone next to you just ripped it out of you reach and caused masses of wolly yak stampedes from the rocky mountain and a swiss twitchy chocolate loving boy yoddling and holding a cushion pin? I had a stormed-off-slammed-door-at-your-face conversation.

Recovered from a bad 24 hours of cold and now heading towards my soon-to-be tonsilities episode.

All in a good cause, I guess. *Noticed that we rarely we speak about our Saturday afternoon at Iki's "Spring Cleaning" story except for the lost of Iki's cat, Baby or bibi. Whilst strumming a one stringless guitar and tried to brightened the situation by "serenading" the dust clogged runny noise friends. And suddenly, (insert a heroic overexaggerated theme) Kevin, who was willing to forget about himself and valiantly carried the supermarket bag covered feline trailed pungent watery mulch body out from the kitchen. Kevin screamed from the backyard, leaving the feeling that he would just drop the bag right at that moment. Sadly, as he reached at the place where Iki's mum pointed, the hole that Iki dug earlier wasn't deep enough to bury the body. So, she was left leaning against the shrubberies and wait for the someone to give her a proper burial. He, Kevin, joined the "I-have-of-enough-cleaning" friends, removed the rubbery gloves, the tudung, sat next to CK and fell silently, slightly traumatized. A job of a hero.

After 2 1/2 hours, Kat and I zoomed back to Kat's house took turns into the shower and snuggled happily into our clean clothes while the boys went to CK's house to shower and then, bought Domino's for us for dinner. We were supposed to watch AF finals on the telly but decided to doddled with the game of D&D. Very violent. Very whimsical. Very positive-chi. Will write more about it if time permits.

* am deeply sorry that I broke a couple of your household stuff and a string of your guitar and didn't 100% help you with the cleaning, Iki.

Monday, August 09, 2004


( Unsettling Examples Of Customer Service Assistance )

You have no idea how hard I laughed.

Snap my fingers

Blamed Daddy for waking me up after I've found the sleeping spot on the bed and was in the middle of a good dream. He lead me into putting Nala in the back kitchen whereas he can do that himself. That's a man for you. No, wait. I take it back. That's my father for you. *shakes fist*

What's more, my class starts at 4 pm. So many things to do in the morning and so little time to find three proposals for Wednesday. All I have is one so far. I don't want too much or too little for an assignment. One question I've asked myself, can I ever get my work serious?

I'm watching Michael Buble's Special on Channel [V]. Seriously, this bloke needs to write his own classics and stop dubbing over the ready mades. Even if it is a tribute. And no, I don't dislike him. He has a sultry voice. But you know how critics are?

S'mores Pop Tart. Droolable. Delicious. Damn!

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Version II

And what can we say about our theme for our blog this time? My god. Lack of inspiration. First wanted to go pink (again), white, green, yellow, orange, red, black and ended up with blue.

Brought Nala home from the vet. He's well and better than ever. The nurse said that he was clawing and hissing at them before the operation whilst gave a frightened smile as if that didn't bother her at all. Good boy. :D

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Ralph Fiennes as who?!

Contemplating someobody's death is sordidly entertaining. Ask anyone.

Timetable for this sem is good. Only 4 classes and no-Friday-classes. Period. Wohoo!

Ralph Fiennes...Voldemort? *gasps* I'm sorry. What I mean was He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named. They've screwed up 0ur gorgeous Sirius Black with Gary Oldman (I can see your drool, Kat) and Remus Lupin with the Hitler clone David Thewlis. No offence to their devoted fans. Why fight and let the casting director might make Voldemort look pleasant and scare the living beejeebers out of Potter. Yeah...right. But seriously, I can see Ralph Fiennes as Remus Lupin from the start. Christ!

Will be changing layout soon. If the heat doesn't get to me.

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